Face-to-Phase with Phase II

An exclusive interview with Ocean View Beach Club home’s for sale in Delaware’s newest attraction 

It’s not often one gets this kind of access to the closest new homes for sale in Delaware to Bethany Beach. Yet that’s where we were invited to sit down with the newest of the new, the much-anticipated Phase II, who gave us a first look at where the excitement is coming from.


Phase II, we really appreciate your taking the time to let everyone know what you’re all about.

Glad to do it. I want everyone to be as excited as I am about the newest development to our Delaware homes for sale.


“Excited” seems to come up a lot when people talk about you. Why is that?

Wow, where do I start? It could be the choice of homes I’m offering, from maintenance-free townhome condos to fee simple single-family and well-priced townhomes. Oh! I’ve even got single-story models for people who don’t like stairs. Then there’s the location: right in one of the denser parts of the community, so it’s really easy to socialize with friends and neighbors.


You mentioned location. Is there anything else about your location that you’d care to share?

How about this: I’m right near a gorgeously landscaped pond, with a trail for walking and a seating area for – well…



Sitting! And I might add that the trail I mentioned is part of a network of walking trails that can get you to all our brand new amenities in just a few short minutes!


That’s great. But why am I going to want to spend those minutes walking to your amenities? What’s the motivation?

Hmmm, let’s see. Could it be the 8,000+ square foot clubhouse and outdoor pool that are being built right now and will be ready when people start to move in this summer? Could a collection of top-of-the-line, wellness-inspired facilities get you out the door? I’m not sure. You tell me.


Well, I might like to–

OF COURSE you would! Who wouldn’t?! It’s part of why my fans love me and can’t wait to move in!


Let’s say I was one of those fans. What kind of advice would you give me about becoming a Phase II homeowner.

Can I get serious here for a moment? We’d love to accommodate everyone but the fact is we’re building single-family and townhomes on a first-come, first-served basis. And between the clubhouse and the trails and the proximity to the beach, I’ll be honest with you: these incredible Ocean View homes for sale won’t be available for long. And there’s one more thing I’ll tell you but it has to be a secret.


Off the record.

Right. As if I weren’t appealing enough, I’ve got really special pre-amenity pricing available for a short time. But you won’t print that, right?


Who, me? Wouldn’t dream of it. Any last thoughts you want to pass along?

Just that anyone interested in becoming part of Phase II at Ocean View Beach Club in time for summer should contact K. Hovnanian Sales Associates ASAP at (855)-827-9495…or visit info@livewelloceanview.com to learn more.


Phase II, thank you for your time. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you.

Likewise, likewise…And you’ll keep those price incentives off the record, right?